Friday, January 25, 2008

Social Dissonance

Social Dissonance

Oil hit the three digit a barrel marker that no one ever REALLY thought would happen. While the cool respite of a late October cold front brought welcome relief to the country’s (record) high summer energy costs, record lows and early freezes foretold of a heavy cloud of impending heating costs in the upcoming month. That heavy cloud has hovered pendulously over many a pocket book and it’s no surprise that local community aid service centers, like food banks and energy assistance, are out of funds, still waiting to receive their 2008 grants deep into January.

The President’s attempt at emergency economic measures is threatened to be held up by Congress, as Wall Street hits frightening slides and stomach turning bumps. Aspiring presidents promise us change, as they continue their business as usual mud slinging stump speeches. Five state contests and still no front runner in either party!

Interest is down; unemployment is up; stocks are down; homelessness is up; new housing starts are down; the war on terrorism keeps killing; the war on drugs keeps failing; and, in New Orleans, the murder rate has doubled. This is more than just financial dissonance. This is social dissonance.

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