Monday, March 24, 2014

GrAS Helps Three Good and Sustainable People!

The main purpose and design of the Green Association for Sustainability is one of education:  Specifically, to DEFINE and ANALYZE social paradigms as well as civil laws, and PROMOTE those that may lead to a good and sustainable society. 

When first deliberating on how best to learn and teach about these widely varying topics, social media seemed the best way to disseminate information over a large population, as the need to be able to sustain one’ s self and family is a very large issue.  Since 2009, I have been publishing information in the blog at  In publishing information, I can reach a large number of people; yet all around me are people who need specific help in getting that job, taking that class, passing that test, organizing their time, accomplishing their goals, or researching a relevant issue.


I am very proud to announce for the first quarter of 2014, that the Good Society Division (GS) of the Green Association for Sustainability has assisted three people on a one-on-one level:

1. Independent 24 year old Fred was given assistance in creating a resume for a specific job position, and also received job interview counseling over two sessions. 

2. University business major, Chris, received three tutoring sessions in Business Statistics, and is continuing with the tutoring through the semester.

3.  Already securing a serving position in a local club, Shad received technical assistance in completing the exam for TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) Certification.

My best wishes for their continued success, and I thank all who support The Green Association for Sustainability, making it possible to assist those who are trying to better their own lives by improving the society we all  live in. 


For more information about the Green Association for Sustainability, visit, or on Facebook,, or write me personally through either site. 


Kimmarie Rojas

Administrator, GrAS