Thursday, August 14, 2008

Henchey Vote, July 28, 2008


A small gain of only 2 affirmative votes has Dave Borden bummed out, but check out these stats...the change of 9 yea votes to NO towers against the 3 NOs changed to YEAs this year. I did find the 27 YEAS from new or no prev voting record inspiring...the squashed by the 45 newbies that voted NO, including 24 Democrats.

165 members of Congress voted for the Hinchey medical marijuana amendment this year (150 of them Democrats), but 262 members of Congress voted against it. Ten members did not have votes recorded (plus Pelosi, for some technical reason as Speaker).
78 Democrats voted against the amendment, while 15 Republicans voted for it.
Nine members who voted Yes on the amendment last year switched their votes to No this time (hiss), and three who voted No last year switched to Yes.
27 members of Congress who are either newly-elected or did not have a vote recorded on the Hinchey amendment last year, voted Yes, only one of them Republican.
45 members of Congress who are either newly-elected, or did not vote on the amendment last year, voted No, including 24 Democrats and 21 Republicans.
Two members of Congress who voted Yes last year did not vote on the amendment this year, and seven members who voted No last year also didn't vote this year.

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