Friday, July 29, 2011


A letter to My Representative
Re-tweeted this evening:  Congress Sucks. 
Short, simple, to the point, and right now, probably about all you need to say.  But who can keep the outrage from spilling out? 
You already know that I can’t!
I wrote it after many Notebook scribbles and news searches, hours of blog surfing and comment reading, as we paced through the day in Boehner’s clutches.  I wonder if his fellow Republicans are angry about being brow-beaten into changing their votes.  Some even made conciliatory comments as to why they wimped.  In the end, it was wasted time. 
Boehner is intent on making a name for himself, of being the next “Newt”.  He is flush with power, and will only be happy if the bill has his name on it.  Pandering to the Tea Party faction may get him temporary fame; historically, elite factions rarely last longer than a generation, and few are looked upon favorably.  At one time, McCarthy was popular among some people.  So was Hitler.   
DEAR REP. AL GREEN (Dem.- District 9 Texas)
I am writing IN SUPPORT of YOUR RECENT NO VOTE on John Boehner's Debt Limit Bill. Boehner, drunk with Power at winning the Speaker seat, and is blackmailing President Obama by holding the Congress and The American People hostage.  
Thankfully, the Senate also realized that those who can least afford it are asked to do the most.  The argument that reinstating the Bush tax cuts will hurt new job growth, reminds me of a similar failed Republican policy of the 1980’s:  The “Trickle Down Theory”.   The Corporate CEOs and small business owners who support the Boehner plan are counting on no one remembering the tragic results of that policy.
Stay strong in your support for a passage of an increased debt limit.  How the Budget is to be paid should be decided when the budget is passed.  Not when the bills are due.

K. Marie Rojas
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