Tuesday, July 29, 2008


New anti-smoking regulations that take effect this month for all addiction treatment centers in New York state have some center officials worried that the ban will dissuade some people with alcohol and drug problems from pursuing services, the Associated Press reported July 23.
Shocked by the random cruelty and negative effects of the New York policy requiring smoking bans in ALL Alcohol and Drug Abuse Recovery centers, whether public or private, I was even more incensed at the comments made by bloggers of JoinTogether.org, my original source. Being sorely disappointed in the flat affect of JoinTogether.org’s summarization, I turned to the original article by AP http://www.nysun.com/new-york/state-prohibits-smoking-in-addiction-recovery/82402/ . The original article explicitly argued that such a policy would have negative effects and the journalist’s outrage at such a ridiculous policy was obvious. I began to question the intentions, intelligence and integrity of both JoinTogether.org and its readers, in that most of them thought that this is somehow a good idea! As Join Together failed to chastise such a discriminatory policy that will prevent many from seeking treatment, and others from completing treatment, and the remainder enduring much more pain and frustration from being cold-turkey withdrawn from nicotine; THE MOST ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCE AVAILABLE. How does this help addicts?

Although I am disappointed in the lack of hutzpa by JoinTogether.org in not pointing out the many obvious flaws in the policy, I am even more disheartened at the comments. Kudos for one shout out for Harm Reduction policies, but I don’t believe that creating a cigarette smoking ban while trying to focus on more critical issues will separate those who are “serious” about recovering from illegal drug abuse.

There is a sad irony in such useless waste of legislation and power, to ban federally legal nicotine, while the mountain of evidence and public opinion in favor of legalization/medicalization of cannabis continues to gain power, and state support. Marijuana reform bills are finding their way to ballots in an ever increasing rate, and many are holding hopes for anti-prohibition in the election of the right (or, should I say, left?) presidential candidate this year.

Think for yourself, people. Giving “Kudos” to New York (Silva) is just plain ignorant, even if a “drug reform” organization posts it. IMPOSE your own beliefs on yourself…for too long prohibitionists have been imposing their beliefs on others. Making marijuana legal does not MANDATE that every one smoke pot – anti-prohibitionists do not want to IMPOSE their beliefs on anyone. They just want the RIGHT to CHOOSE.

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