Monday, January 23, 2012


 The dynamics of Power have been frequently and fully illustrated in the mass-media technology of recent years.  Global abuses of power and wealth both shock and mesmerize; national abuses in politics, the banking industry, health care, and big business have led us down an unsustainable course of economic hardships, while our public and private freedoms are shamelessly trampled by local government agencies, with no recourse. The concepts of sustainable finance, sustainable business, sustainable government, and sustainable citizenry are lessons still being learned.

Every now and then we are reminded of TRUE power:  The Power of the Earth.  And though we give homage to the power and the beauty that such power represents, it renews us and touches a part of us that realizes man's arrogance against a never-ending, continually renewing, and infinitely sustainable Earth, under our stewardship.  How humble we become, and how respectful are those who attempt to reach into and touch that power...

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