Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Legalization Experiments: Colorado Compromises, Washington Misses the Point

Denver Scales Back Proposed Pot Rules

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Although the proposed regulations still violate I-64, (the initiative that legalized marijuana in Colorado) they are touted by the author as "compromise", which is a good thing.  It's most certain that there were unforeseen issues in the original wording of the legalization initiative, that in practice could create back-lash.  Open smoking would seem naturally disagreeable as even cigarettes are banned in most public areas.
Colorado's implementation of legalization seems to be a workable, sustainable model, though I would be interested in other opinions from those who deal with the Colorado system. 

I have been concerned and consumed lately with the failing Washington state system, which is rumored to be preparing to eliminate medical cannabis entirely, under the premise that medicalization is unnecessary because it is legally available.  With a tax rate of 75%, and a "like alcohol" model in a highly regulated "Closed Alcohol" state, this issue demonstrates how Tax and Regulate legalization schemes play into the agendas of the prohibitionists who want to keep cannabis illegal. Review 502, the initiative to “legalize” cannabis here.  Voters must have blindly trusted that the entity administrating the initiative would be fair, compassionate and reasonable, though many medical users are skeptical of the Liquor Board’s ability to manage medical cannabis.  The issues are complicated, however the legalization for recreational use was to have NO consequences on the medical marijuana program in Washington.  This has turned out to be untrue, according to LadyBud, an on-line cannabis news site.

 It is important for voters to understand the current laws in their state before creating new laws.  Although the Medical Cannabis industry in Washington was very much opposed to I-502, the initiative passed and within days was addressed by the Liquor Control Board, establishing their over-arching dominance in the production and distribution of cannabis in Washington State.

Thank you to Timothy Tipton for sharing the Colorado post. 

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