Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tarot Reading: What is My Character's Name? Rebekkah

I used the three card day spread:  The Heirophant, card Five of the Major Aracana, landed upright in space one.  Space two was filled by  the Two of Wands, signifying the task and flanking left of cards I One and Three, Three being “the solution”.  The final, powerful twenty-first major arcana card of The World divined this third important spot.   

The “situation” depicted by the Heirophant, signifies spirituality or divine wisdom in a traditional sense.  In a story, it may represent a teacher, psychologist, priest.  It also signifies a gatekeeper of some sort.  It could be of a material item or an ethereal nature,  however the totality of cards tend towards materialism.  In some way, she holds the “keys”.  The kneeling monks wear robes of roses and lillies, representing passion and purity. 

This is verified by the third card, the solution: The World. As the twenty-first (last) Major Arcana card, represents wisdom and self-enlightenment. The dancer in the center is naked.  She dances a neverending cosmic dance in the center of an expanding universe.  She is a key-player in a never-ending story.

The Two of Wands, “the task”,  implies she is Mistress of her dominion, and literally holds the world in the palm of her hands. Again, the staffs are ornate with roses and lillies, verifying her passion and purity.

Passion and purity, being shown twice appears as a significant conflict with this character. 

Name ideas:

These names were mentioned specifically in history/mythology, which in the combination I felt may be applicable:  Hermes, Aphrodite, Salmacis, Elusinia, Persephone, Hades. Perhaps some alternatives or anagrams.  Also, these are characteristics/occupations/passions that may be relevant to your character, it might inspire a name from someone with same qualities:   a teacher, psychologist, priest. A gatekeeper of some sort.

A sacred promise, obligation, vow. Success. Blessings. Passion, purity, a dancer, a champion, a nudist, a baby, a reincarnated soul.

These Archetypes are associated with this reading:  The Amazon, The Anima/Animus, the artist, the creator, the destroyer, the Divine child, the Fates, the Self, the Shaman, the Visionary.

Note:  One source says, “When the World card appears…plan for a book tour!  Seriously, congratulations!  

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